An Organized Approach

Are you ready to retire? We can help you organize your finances and thoroughly prepare for the transition. If you have recently retired, we can gauge whether you have the portfolio return and cash flow to keep living comfortably.

There are three financial phases in life:


The First is the Accumulation Phase. This is where we work hard and do our best to set aside money for the future. Upgrading our home, helping with college costs, but ultimately, to get ourselves in a position to retire. The Second is the Distribution Phase. This phase generally starts when we reach the Retirement milestone. Our goal at that point is to enjoy our retirement and feel great about the income we are receiving off our savings. We still want to see our values rise each year to help keep pace with inflation. The Third is the Preservation Phase. This phase usually happens around age 70 to 75 when we wake up on new years day and realize that we are probably going to be OK financially and now our emphasis shifts to wanting to make sure that what we worked hard for ends up in our kids hands at our passing or some of it with our church or a charity, we definitely don’t want any of it to go to the IRS.

What we see over and over is that as people pull together different investments, policies and accounts that are designed exclusively to maximize the results in that Financial Phase, with no regard for the problems they cause in the next Phase. In many cases there are drawbacks, at a minimum, a complete lack of efficiency and therefore a loss of return or control until it is fixed to move forward to the next Phase. In our office we have a deep understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of decisions today and how they impact the next phase and it is appropriate to correctly allocate to be able to maximize each Phase while we are in it and be able to roll into the next Phase with efficiency and effectiveness. We teach how our clients to use one Phase to build on the next Phase.

We are an office of caring people that know what to do to help you succeed in preparing to retire, enjoy retirement and prepare things to properly leave them to your loved ones.

Our Retirement Services


A Macro View

We use a customized macro-planning tool to monitor and refine the different aspects of your investments and retirement strategy. In addition, we use our asset management tool to consistently check the risk tolerance of client portfolios.
Do you want more clarity when it comes to your financial life? First Wealth Financial Group can provide it. We can show you what your money is doing – and what steps you may need to take in order to pursue and accomplish your goals. Investing wrong costs time and money you may not have.

Did you know?

We can help you work to minimize your taxes through the products and services we offer.


Regardless of age, it is important that your accounts be diversified properly. While there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio it can help mitigate risk. Your allocation needs to match your risk tolerance. Our office uses Morningstar Reports to show you where you are at currently, and the potential changes that you can make to help improve your opportunities and reduce risk. Please note that diversification does not protect against market risk.

Put your Money in a Process

“Capturing Gains to Cash” and “Re-balancing” are two processes that need to be applied to investment accounts. Our office implements both of these processes as part of our client service.
Turn your 401(k) and IRA into retirement income. We’ll teach the proper way to set that up.